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My classroom needs your support!!!

I recently accepted the challenge to raise funds to support the Kennedy Krieger Institute's Fairmount K-8 School where I teach Kindergarten through 2nd grade students with autism, Down syndrome, behavioral/emotional disabilities, global developmental delay, and other health impairments!


Staff, parents, and friends of the school are coming together in the Teaming for Technology campaign to help provide the students at Fairmount with the best technology possible. The campaign hopes to raise enough funds by June 14th to purchase 20 iPad packages (including iPads, cases, warranties, and app packs), as well as a charging cart to secure and charge the iPads.


iPads are used daily in my classroom and the progress that I have seen in my students has been remarkable. Since implementing iPad based lessons, my students have shown increases across all academic areas including math, reading, writing, and communication. It is so amazing to see what technology can do to support students with developmental and behavioral disabilities. I cannot wait for the day that each student in my class has their own iPad for use at school. Through your help we can accomplish this!

Why iPads?

iPads are a great learning tool for children with disabilities. The technology allows students to receive and express information in ways that are unique to them, helping them to unlock their potential. A recent study completed at the school, which has been published in many national journals, showed that the use of iPads increased students? level of independence and speed at which they completed assignments compared to traditional instructional methods.

About Kennedy Krieger's Fairmount Campus

This program provides special education and related services to students kindergarten through Grade 8. Evidence-based instructional practices are implemented in an intensive, highly supportive environment that maintains a low student/teacher ratio which addresses the unique, educational and therapeutic needs of each child. Classroom teachers and related service providers work together in a highly coordinated fashion to maximize the educational benefits for students.

About Kennedy Krieger Institute

An internationally recognized institution, Kennedy Krieger provides research, treatment, education and community programs for more than 19,000 children annually. We believe that early identification, intervention, and treatment of disabilities are key to maximizing potential and preventing major problems throughout a child?s life. We are dedicated to understanding, unlocking, and overcoming the problems and injuries that affect a child?s developing brain and nervous system.


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Linda Motter and the Students of Room 1