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The Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) is a volunteer organization dedicated to raising awareness for Kennedy Krieger Institute by promoting and facilitating volunteerism that assists families who utilize the Institute.



WIN is about connecting to families who are seeking the best care for their child at Kennedy Krieger.

An internationally recognized institution, Kennedy Krieger cares for more than 20,000 children and adolescents annually and its scientists lead the worldwide effort to prevent and cure disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal system.

WIN is about acknowledging basic needs and filling the void so more energy can go to hugs and healing.

Parents of children with developmental disabilities are often stretched thin without a chance for respite. Whether it’s securing tickets to a ball game or simply supplying a welcome bag for each new family, anyone can help in small, but meaningful ways.

WIN is about defining personal outreach in terms of the positive impact on the families Kennedy Krieger serves.

Dollars and cents are essential to the work of Kennedy Krieger, but other forms of giving can make all the difference to a family away from home. We promote volunteer activities that fit the busiest of schedules so no matter what, we can positively impact families during their stay.

WIN is about a commitment to motivate others to engage.

Our core resource is people. Through word of mouth and the creation of fun events, activities, and on-site opportunities, we hope to become a large and lasting part of what makes the Kennedy Krieger Institute special.

WIN is about people helping people. WIN is about you.

Sometimes the smallest thing we do remains in someone’s memory. Please join us.


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