Registration Resources

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Fundraising Resources

Fundraise on Facebook:

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Make Facebook and Instagram Fundraising Fun!

Use some of our fun graphics to make social media fundraising fun!  Click here to access all of our graphics!

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Personalize Your Participant Page:

One of the first steps in fundraising is sharing why you ROAR!  Not sure what to say?  Check out our template below to get inspired!

As you may know, this year I am participating in my (number of years you've participated) ROAR for Kids! I am so excited to (again [if applicable]) be raising vital funds for Kennedy Krieger Institute. I became a supporter of Kennedy Krieger when (I began working at Kennedy Krieger, my child began receiving treatment here, etc.). Kennedy Krieger Institute is a special place to me because (it provides me, my child, my patients, etc.) with (necessary resources, an unique multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, the opportunity to work with amazing patients, get creative, what has KKI given to you!). Please consider supporting me as I ROAR (again), no amount is too small, every dollar counts for the kids at Kennedy Krieger Institute! 

ROAR for Kids Fundraising Incentives


Raise $100 to receive a I ROARed Drawstring Stadium Bag, raise $250 and receive an I ROARed Louder Hat, raise $500 and receive a I Supported Kennedy Krieger Umbrella, and raise $1,000 to receive an I Supported Kennedy Krieger Portable Charger! Remember, these fundraising incentives are stackable, meaning if you raise $500, you will not just receive the umbrella but the Bag and Hat as well!

Event Fun Resources

ROAR for Kids Walk/Run Playlist

Back again from last year, we will again have our ROAR Run/Walk Playlist so you can listen along at home while you ROAR! Want to get in on the fun? Request your song here!

Check out our playlist here!

Race Bib

Getting ready for Race Day from home? Print your Race Bib here!

Photo-Ready Signs and Masks in Color

ROAR Photo-ready Sign  

ROAR Sign w Animals  

 ROAR Mask Tiger   ROAR Mask Zebra 
ROAR Mask Elephant

ROAR Mask Hippo

ROAR Mask Monkey ROAR Mask Owl 
ROAR Mask Parrot ROAR Mask Lion  





 Coloring Sheets and Masks

ROAR at home with the whole family! Print these out to show your ROAR pride, or print out the coloring sheet version to make your own version! Let your imagination run WILD!

ROAR Coloring Sheet

ROAR Coloring Sheet w Animals

ROAR Mask BW Tiger

ROAR BW Mask Zebra

ROAR Mask BW Elephant

ROAR Mask BW Hippo

 ROAR Mask BW Monkey ROAR BW Mask Owl ROAR Mask BW Parrot ROAR Mask BW Lion

At-Home DIY Mascot Challenge

Check out last year's Virtual Mascot Challenge (skip ahead to 7:50 to see the Challenge) and join in the fun!  Get inspired by last year's athletes and make your own obstacle course in your backyard or home. Share the fun with us on social media using #ROAR4Kids.