Why Support Kennedy Krieger?

For more than 75 years, our willingness to try the untried and encourage the impossible has made Kennedy Krieger a place of hope for more than 20,000 children and families each year. Unlike other institutions that concentrate on one specific area, we bring together all the disciplines—science, medicine, therapy, and education—to target the problems and injuries that affect a child’s development. At Kennedy Krieger, we strive to give each child the ability to find the answers, meet the challenges, and get back onto the road of life.


MatthewPioneering Research in Brain Science

Kennedy Krieger’s scientists and researchers have made crucial medical discoveries that have led to innovative treatments and improved patient care for individuals with brain injuries and disorders, brain tumors, autism, cerebral palsy, ALD, behavioral disorders, and many other neurological disorders. The only children's hospital designated as a NIH National Research Resource for functional brain imaging, Kennedy Krieger is breaking new ground in understanding a child’s developing brain. Few other places can boast such a swift transfer of research to clinical care, and already our work has yielded answers that are revolutionizing the treatment and care of children. Kennedy Krieger is committed to sharing this knowledge with other professionals, ensuring that children across the nation and around the world receive the best possible care.


We are all born with great potential.
Shouldn't we all have the chance to achieve it?

Every child is born with great potential. Yet for a growing number of children, a turn of genetics or a twist of fate has locked that potential deep inside. Some people see these children and think what might have been. But at Kennedy Krieger Institute, we see these children and imagine what could be. Your support is the key to helping us unlock a child’s potential.


To learn more about the research, patient care, education, and community programs helping children with brain disorders and injuries at Kennedy Krieger Institute, visit kennedykrieger.org.